Will Work for Travel; Will Dream for Free

Posted Thursday, September 20, 2007 at 1:57 p.m. by Chris Amico in Multimedia , Projects and The Dalian Life

Here's a tough job: Spend the next year traveling to every province in mainland China. Hang out with cool people. See everything you've ever wanted to see in this country. Blog about it.

David DeGeest and Lonnie B. Hodge (aka One Man Bandwidth) somehow landed this job. Theirs is the China Dream Blogue (like travelogue, get it?), and the project aims to raise money for two charities through ad revenue and help deserving people make good one their own best hopes. The pair stopped by Dalian last weekend, and I grabbed them for some barbecue and brought the video camera. Here's how they explain the project:

The two charities directly involved are Tom Stader's Library Project and the Reading Tub, run by Terry Dougherty.

Now, I'm a little skeptical of the amount of cash a blog can bring in. I know there are those that make heaps, but there are mountains more that don't. So I gave Tom a buzz, and he's optimistic. Even if it just brings his cause more attention, that can translate into money or volunteers or more opportunities. "I have had good luck with getting donations from blogs," Tom said. "I received one US$300 donation from Lonnie's previous blog."

Three hundred dollars built Tom's first two libraries. Both are in Dalian, and I watched each be hammered together by energetic volunteer teachers who were already thinking of ways to expand the project. Tom's planning to be back in Dalian next month, so I'll get a progress report then.


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