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I'm a journalist and web developer based in Washington, DC. Since February 2011 I've worked as the application developer for NPR's StateImpact project, where I'm building a platform for local reporters covering issues that matter in their states.

In Sept. 2010, my wife and I launched Homicide Watch DC, a reporting project that covers every murder in the nation's capital from crime to conviction. I built the platform that powers the site (a hybrid of WordPress and GeoDjango).

From Jan. 2009 to Feb. 2011, I worked as the Interactive Editor for the PBS NewsHour, where I told stories with data and documents. Earlier in my career, I worked as an education and general assignment reporter for several California newspapers.

This blog began as a traveling companion when I moved to China in mid-2006, when I banged out dispatches of my days as an English teacher and my weekend trips outside Dalian. When I returned to California in early 2008, this blog's focus shifted to journalism and my place in it. Expect a mix of posts about media, technology and China and their occasional overlap.

I've lived and worked in three countries, visited 18 and have a bad habit of dreaming up trips that make my mother nervous.

And, if there's any question, what I write here is just me talking. Nothing on this site should be taken to represent the views of any employer or company, past, present or future.